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Why EARNMAX? Our Advantage

The EARNMAX Advantages


One of the best professions about EARNMAX is providing the opportunity to trade for those who has a risk management and discipline.
Here is the chance, EARNMAX supports and provides the BEST opportunity for the traders to reach the maximum potential and the  optimum growth to achieve the successful path in FUTURE contracts Trading.
Let’s start our PARTNERSHIP


Why choose EARNMAX?

EARNMAX Purpose is to offer the least inconvenient, cumbersome one phase evaluation process to valuate and provide a performance-paid opportunity for EARNMAX traders. We don’t seek for MILLION of participants in an evaluation endless loop of disturbance! Prevented from reaching the goals because of illogical, irrational reasons, imposed rules.

The most important path to be consistent successful trader in the market is RISK MANAGMENT, We are here to provide traders the MOST flexibility they need to REACH their goals and receive the best-opportunity.


'I have a great experience with EARNMAX trading is awesome, rules make lots of sense, EARNMAX has the  less and the clearest rules, they will never surprise you with unexpected principles. And you pay always on time!

I definitely would suggest your firm. EARNMAX has been very generous with me many times.                                              -


  • Only one step!! (5 trading days)

  • Keep 100% from the 1st 15,000$

  • No requirement to scale contracts

  • No Daily Loss Limit

  • No Weekly Loss Limit

  • Free Ninjatrader License Key

  • 1 Logical Rule: Risk Management 

  • Reset Fee is the least expensive

  • Cheapest evaluation monthly fees 

  • Multiple accounts under one credential

You can...

  • Carry positions (Be careful about your trailing loss limit in the Auto Liquidate Threshold of Rithmic)

  • Trade during news events

  • Trade your own strategy, NO STRICTIONS

You are NOT penalized for...

  • Entering too many contracts (simply rejected)


  • Free NinjaTrader license key (Savings of up to $720/year)

  • Subsidized data/maintenance fees (normally $113 PER exchange per month). With EARNMAX only $85 in TOTAL monthly!) OR Optional One time Data Fees of 500$ Lifetime Per PA Account.

  • Option to start with a full size account

  • Carry Positions

  • Paid 100% of the first $15,000 profit

  • 90/10% profit split 


Our Guarantee To You

We remove all the unnecessary obstacles, to provide the freedom needed for your success. 

There is no hidden evaluation rules or snares

There is no micromanage our performance-paid traders

We are not a huge combination of unneeded rules

We provide 24/7 professional customer service to help with inquiries and needs

We do our best to help our traders. 




We are not the right fit for every Trader. We want to be partner with traders whose goal and mindset is for consistency over time and long term success. We are not looking for “gambling” traders who just want to “try their luck” and see what happens. 


Please read carefully and search ALL our Knowledge Base for more specific details.  If we are the right fit for you, You are welcome in EARNMAX Community, Talent trader wins games, EARNMAX and traders win CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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