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What are the Consistency Rules?

I have qualified, what's next?

The only way you can fail our evaluation accounts is if you hit your trailing max drawdown threshold or keep a position or a pending order open past 4:59 PM ET. There are NO CONSISTENTCY RULES for evaluations.


We have very generous consistency guidelines in evaluations. However, it would serve you well to have a trading plan.

EARNMAX Performance Account:

Trading 1 lot, then 4 lots, then going all in is not a good way to establish consistency "No Scaling". Being consistent in your trading will help you be successful in the long term. Traders who randomly change sizes and go all in, or try to "get lucky," do not have the type of traits a trader needs to be successful.


Note: We are looking only for traders in Performance Accounts who trade a consistent plan with consistent size and clear trading plan. EARNMAX is seeking traders who can steadily grow their accounts.


When you submit a request for withdrawal our funding team will ask you for Trading Order History Log from your trading platform and they will match that with the logs from the R/Trader Pro . The trading logs must show us all your trading history and must show us consistency in trade sizing, trade timing and shows you have a solid trading plan. Otherwise your request will be denied and your PA Account will be Canceled and Closed.

In a Performance Account you are NOT allowed to trade the NEWS.  There is no major news trading two (2) minutes before and two (2) minutes after news. News includes COI, FOMC, NFP and CPI Reports are the only major news, trader won’t be able to trade it!


The Consistency Target measures a trader’s ability to make repeated profits while managing risk. In order to pass the Trading Evaluation Account , your best day (largest winning day) needs to be below 30% of your total profits made.

If your best day is equal to or more than 30% of your total profits made, you’ll need to continue trading until your best day % of Total Profit is below 30%.

Why is it important?

Consistency is critical to growing your account for the long haul. The Consistency Target measures long-term, consistent profitability. Previously, EARNMAX had a Minimum Days target that would measure a trader’s ability to hold onto their profits, not if they could earn over and over again, and this wasn’t the best way to help make traders better.

If you’re ready for the big leagues, we don’t want to waste your time meeting a minimum day requirement when you are showing consistency right away.

Your ticket to consistent profitability is when you can put up a repeatable performance. The Consistency Target measures a trader’s ability to balance making repeated profits and managing risk, so you can turn your passion into a profession, consistently grow your account, and, most importantly, start paying yourself.

How is it Calculated?

The Consistency Target calculation relates to your best day’s profit and your account’s profit. As long as your Best Day is below 30% of your recent profit, you are meeting the target requirement. This can be monitored on your dashboard and is displayed as best day % of Profit.

  • Calculation: Best Day Profit ÷ Profit = Best Day % of Profit

  • 50K Example: $800 Best Day ÷ $2,800 = 28%

This means that you have the potential to reach the Consistency Target in as little as four winning days if each day is less than 30% of your profit and the profit target is met!

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