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Warning: Limit Up/Limit Down/Erratic Markets

Warning: Trading during erratic and periods of high volatility is very risky and not recommended.



  • Trading during erratic and periods of high volatility is risky. Data feeds and software platforms are subject to lag and error.  EARNMAX cannot take responsibility for software performance failure, lag, glitches, and of course our trader’s hardware or internet mishaps.  Our live broker takes no responsibility for these issues, thus EARNMAX has no recourse to recoup these losses either.  Be careful trading volatile markets, and at a minimum first test your platforms with a SIM or small Micro order (however this is not a safeguard). 


  • Limit UP/Down or Markets halted - During these uncommon occurrences, when markets are halted, be careful of getting trapped with an open order. Rithmic does not always handle it properly and you may suffer an erroneous fill (during suspended markets).  AVOID trading these times with your EARNMAX accounts. EARNMAX is NOT RESPONSIBLE for data or software mishaps during Limit Halts. Be mindful of volatile days and check daily Price Limits that may be approaching to avoid getting trapped. View these links for more information.

Warning: Limit Up/Limit Down/Erratic Markets: Text
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