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Performance Accounts Payout Structure

  •  Trade your max contracts from Day One (1) there is no scaling rules.

  •   EARNMAX goal with trader/s investment account/s is to provide the opportunity to grow the account over time.



  • Traders are provided the Paid Performance Account equivalent of their successful Evaluation Account. (i.e. $100,000 / 14 contract Evaluation Account = $100,000 / 14 contract Performance Account)

  • Traders are immediately permitted to trade up to the same max number of contracts (i.e. all 14 contracts).  No scaling is required.

  • The max contract limit does not expand on this account. Meaning you cannot buy more than the allotted maximum amount.

  • No scaling is required.

  • If you wanted to go larger than the allotment you would need to purchase an additional Evaluation phase would be required for an increase in lot size.


Max Loss Limit / Drawdown:

  • Same parameters and operation as your Evaluation account.  (LTMAB)  Except the trailing max drawdown stops trailing forever once it reaches Initial Balance + $100.  

  • EXAMPLE:  You qualify with a $50,000 / 10 contract Evaluation account.  You are given a $50,000 Performance Account.  The max loss trails at $2,500.  So the minimum account balance threshold begins at $47,500.

  •   The max loss trails by exactly $2,500 from the highest UNREALIZED profit point reached.   (even if a trade does not end up CLOSING in profit).  Once the highest unrealized profit point reaches $52,600 ( $50,000 + $100 + $2500) "Safety net cannot be withdrawn at any point", the max drawdown limit stops trailing and will not move again.  It remains fixed at $50,100 - which is the Initial Balance + $100.  

  • If a trader meets or exceeds the Max Loss Limit at any time intra- or post- trade, the account will be closed. There are no 'Resets' in Performance Accounts.

  • Daily Loss Limit - None.  

  • In performance account, There is no major news trading, 2 mins before and after news, COI FOMC NFP and CPI are the only major news, trader won’t be able to trade it.



  • First Withdrawal Payments are paid out on the last Friday of each month.

  • 3 to 4 Business days earlier to request a review and get withdrawal confirmation

  • For any beyond Withdrawal Payments, it's paid out on 15 and last day of the month

  • 1 to 2 Business days requires to request a review and get withdrawal confirmation

  • Profit Share: Traders are entitled to 100% of the FIRST $15,000 Traders make, and 90% of the profit they earn thereafter.

  • Payouts are made via PayPal, wire transfer, or mailed check. If you request PayPal as your payout method, please make sure you verify your PayPal account with bank card and tax ID to ensure there is no issue or delay in receiving your pay out.

  • Payments must be requested between the 20th and 25th of the month, with the amount you wish to withdraw. Requests made after the 25th may be denied until the following month. Trader has to be +18, ID is Required in this stage.

For your first payout, you must have a total of 25 trading days before making your request. You can check in Rithmic to see how many trading days you have accumulated,  If you have not met the minimum trading days, then simply request a payout for the next month.

On the second and subsequent payouts, only 15 trading days are required between the last payout and the next payout. If you have not met the minimum 15 trading days, then request a payout for the next month.

The first through third payouts have a minimum payout of $1,000, with a minimum account balance threshold after payout. There is also a max amount payout for the first through third payouts.

There is no maximum payout on the fourth payout and beyond, so long as the minimum balance threshold is in the account after payout.

You will be paid as an individual contractor. US citizens must submit a W-9 form to the help desk with your current mailing address. You must keep the address maintained or updated with us in order to receive a 1099-NEC for payments made via wire.

  • At our discretion, a 1099 may not be sent out for PayPal payments.

  • Non-US citizens must submit a W-8BEN on first payout.

  • No reports are sent for Non-US citizens.

  • For any tax advice, call your accountant.

  • EARNMAX reserves the right to payout the trader at any time and under any circumstances.


Example: a $50,000 account allowing 10 contracts reaches $52,500. A trader may withdraw a minimum of $1,000 so long as your balance is above $52,500, "Safety net + withdrawal request" When the account reaches $52,500, the threshold balance must remain at or above $50,100, no matter what payouts occur. 

If your balance falls below the minimum payout balance, then the payment will not be processed until eligible the next month, when you must request it again.

You must do at least 1 trade a day from the day your balance reached the minimum required for payout until the period required for the payout.

When you request payout in the help desk, request the amount, verify that your balance is above the minimum balance threshold,  is confirm how many trading days you have traded, Market Data Fees are Updated on time, Performance account/s is active, which payout it is, and the information for the payout method you prefer, i.e., PayPal, email address; wire information, including bank name, address, phone number, swift/routing number, account number, your name, phone, and email address; or your address for a mailed check. Or PayPal account

Important Message​

When you submit a request for Withdrawal, Our funding team will ask for Trading log from Your trading platform and they will match that with the logs from R/Trader Pro and must  shows us all your trades and must shows consistency in Sizing, timing and shows you have a solid trading plan, otherwise your request will be denied and your PA Account will be Canceled and Closed.

EARNMAX reserves the right to cap the number of accounts per user.
EARNMAX reserves the right to switch the performance account to live account at any time with customized conditions and agreement between EARNMAX and trader.

Performance Accounts Payout Structure: Text
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