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Passed Evaluation and Qualified | Performance Account Overview

I have passed my evaluation and qualified, what's next?

Once you know you have...

   Reached your profit target (Verify Account Balance via RTrader Pro only)

  • You have traded a minimum of 5 trading days. Only actively traded days count as a trading day.  Be sure to CONFIRM that you have 5 trading days.

  • Stop trading. It is the trader responsibility to contact EARNMAX through chat/email, and once confirmed, process will take 2 business days to process the PA.

  • Once trader has received the confirmation email, Trader must confirm the Market Data Fees Payment within 2 business days max to avoid process cancellation, it's Trader responsibility to cancel the evaluation account to avoid extra charges or re-bill, other than that trader will receive a new account same size.

You will receive two emails:

1.  EARNMAX | Congratulations, your trade performance is confirmed (Email contains instructions). Market data fees has to be confirmed within 2 business days once trader received the confirmation email, to avoid any cancellation.

2.  EARNMAX PA Agreement we be sent when you request your 1st payment. 

3.   Check your spam folder!

You will start fresh with a new balance of the plan you selected and with a new max drawdown that goes with that plan.

PA Account Rules :


It will trail by the max drawdown until you reach the max drawdown plus $100, i.e., if max drawdown is $2,500 on a $50,000 account, the max drawdown will stop trailing at $50,100. NOTE: PA trailing stops at Threshold plus $100, as where Evaluation accounts can continue to trail longer until profit goal is reached. This is a big advantage with PA accounts!

Trader can trade up to max contracts.  No contracts can be added. You would need to add an additional account instead.

There are limits on the first three payouts, then no cap on the fourth payout as shown here

All trades must be closed and all pending orders must be cancelled BEFORE 4:59 EST.

Make sure you understand how Trailing Threshold works CLICK HERE


  • FIRST Withdrawals can be made monthly at the last Friday of the month.

  • Request FIRST Withdrawal must be within 3 to 4 Business days before the last Friday of the month.

  • Second and beyond Withdrawals can be made twice a month (on the 15th and the last day of the month).

  • Request a second or any beyond withdrawal has to be 1 to 2 business days before the payout date.

  • You keep 100% of the first $25,000, and 90% of the profits thereafter.

  • You cancel your evaluation account and no longer incur the evaluation fee for it.

  • If trader intends to keep the passed evaluation account, trader will receive a Fresh balance evaluation account when renewal is confirmed, same as applied discount code " if trader subscribe in a promotion".

  • There is a PA fee of $85 per month, which is an all-inclusive fee for non-professional traders.

  • Trader must see Market data fees active in EARNMAX " subscription area".

  • Trader must contact 24/7 CHAT if market data fees not shows in subscription area.

  • If trader lost PA it's trader's responsibility to  cancel Market Data Fees.  

If Market Data Fess is not confirmed, PA will be permanently suspended   " NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Trader must make sure that Market Data Fees Payment appears in EARNMAX subscription area to avoid any cancelation.

  • You continue to get to use the Free NinjaTrader License Key.

  • Payout will be declined and Performance account will be permanently cancelled if trader miss any Market data fees payment.

  • If Payment is declined as "Payment Failed" trader can contact 24/7 Chat service and instantly and if payment is not confirmed within 24 hours, starts from the decline time, Performance account cannot be reactivated and trader will need to start the process back from evaluation phase.

  • Completely trader responsibility to track MONTHLY successful Market Data fees charge.

  • Trader understands Company is seeking "to fund and payout" traders who follow a consistent trading plan in size, stops, and targets. This means not trading max contracts on one trade, seeking “lucky windfalls” while trading micros the rest of the time, not constantly changing sizes, not dollar cost averaging, not doing high-frequency trading, and being consistent in the trading plan, including your entries, stops, and take profits.

  • Trader funding and paid funded is designed to be a long-term relationship of consistency and steady growth for both parties.

Performance Account Overview: Text
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