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Multiple Concurrent Evaluation Accounts ARE Permitted

1.  Multiple Evaluation Accounts and Performance Accounts (EARNMAX allows MULTIPLE accounts under ONE ID and provides you a FREE license key to trade those multiple accounts under ONE login)

2.  Only ONE Rithmic User ID allowed per trader or accounts may be terminated

3.  Max number of total accounts allowed? (We recommend no more than 10)


Multiple Evaluations Rules:

Traders are permitted to purchase and operate more than one Evaluation account at the same time, as long as they are all associated with the same Rithmic ID.  (See #2).  Likewise, traders are permitted to operate more than one Paid Performance account simultaneously.  Multiple Paid Performance accounts will not be combined into one larger account, and each require their own small monthly maintenance fee (INFO


Only ONE Rithmic Credential permitted:

A trader may only register for ONE membership.  (A username and associated email address).  A Rithmic Credential  will be assigned upon the first account purchase.   However, traders are only permitted to register ONE membership (username) and likewise will have only ONE Rithmic User ID.   


CLICK HERE for clarification on the difference between EARNMAX Usernames, Rithmic ID, and Account Numbers. 


Multiple account numbers all begin with the same Rithmic User ID- but are differentiated by a suffix. 

ERN000907             = Rithmic User ID

ERN000907-001      = Account Number

ERN000907-002      = Account Number


If a trader wishes to purchase additional Evaluation accounts, be sure to LOG IN FIRST with your EARNMAX username and password to  From inside your membership, you can select the additional accounts you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu.

In this fashion, all accounts will be assigned to the same Rithmic User ID.  


WARNING*****If a trader is discovered to have registered more than one EARNMAX membership and operate more than one Rithmic User ID, that account is subject to termination and no refund is issued.*****

Multiple Concurrent Evaluation Accounts ARE Permitted: Text
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