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Making Sense of LOGIN Credentials

There are TWO sets of LOGIN Credentials.

1. EARNMAX Membership Username/ Password      -for account management access

2. Rithmic User ID/ Password                             

 -for R|Trader & Trading  Platform connection. I.e. ERN000901

Account Number                                     

-I.e. ERN000907-003.  It will be your Rithmic User ID plus a suffix. Please include in ALL support emails

EARNMAX Membership Username:

This is the username and password that YOU chose and created.  Usually at the same time you purchased your first product from EARNMAX, but not necessarily.  You may have registered but purchased at a later date.  This is ONLY used to manage your products and purchases and EARNMAX membership information.  These are NOT the login credentials you use to connect to Rithmic Trader or your Trading Platform.   (Those are auto generated and sent in a separate Welcome email when you make a purchase)

Making Sense of LOGIN Credentials: Text
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