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How to Cancel or Update Your Subscription

EARNMAX Traders! Please be informed, that it is your responsibility to cancel any reoccurring subscriptions or automatic payments, and No Refunds will be issued.  

Failing an Evaluation does not automatically cancel your subscription. You will continue to be charged every 30 days unless you personally login and cancel your subscription.  


To cancel your subscription please log into Subscription/Member's Area and you will see a 'cancel' link within the details of your subscription.


Be sure you are canceling the correct subscription.  Once you cancel a subscription EARNMAX CANNOT REACTIVATE your account. 

To Cancel Your Account:


  1. Click the CANCEL button in your subscription page and it will be complete.  You will immediately receive a confirmation email and also the 'cancel' link will no longer appear.

  2. Pending cancelation means account will be automatically cancelled by the upcoming bill due "NO EXTRA CHARGES"

  3.  If you paid with PayPal, you should also see in your PayPal Dashboard under 'Manage Subscriptions' that reoccurring payment from EARNMAX Funding Inc. shows as canceled. 

A Friendly Reminder...

To prevent any mistakes on any Reoccurring Payments make note of each account's renewal date and ensure your information is up to date and will process successfully. 

Be aware PayPal sometimes bills a day or two early. If your reoccurring payment fails for any reason the account will be expired immediately and EARNMAX will not be able to reactivate the account.  

  • If you use PayPal, you will need to contact them for how to update any payment details.  

  • If you use a credit card and choose Stripe as your payment gateway, you can log into your member's area and go to click on 'update credit card info'.


Please know we are always here to help, so send us a support ticket if you need any assistance!

How to Cancel or Update Your Subscription: Text
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