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Good News


Alpha Auto Trading Room Is Finally Here!


Here is the Recorded version for today Webinar


 Watch the Webinar


And for 3 days we have early birds offer 50% from all monthly subscription
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Join 2023 Bots World And Trade Like Big Boys


ALPHA Auto Trading Room The New Generation In Profitable Day Trading

For the 1st time in the Trading market you will have access to 24/7 to ALPHA bots trading room that is running by bots, Simply copy the exact trades along the day, And get the the most profit daily results

What do Alpha bots trade?


Future Contracts Market to Trade with Alpha trading room

NQ , ES , RTY , CL , NG , GC , 6E , 6J


Before any further step, ask the questions?

  • Are you struggling to be consistent in trading 

  • Are you second guessing your own setups and always enter late or FOMO Kicks in

  • Your dream is to make a living out of trading , and it's been like a dream you chase and it's hard to achieve

  • You are tired of staring at the charts and want to make your Trading goals much easier to hit 

Here is the solution 

For the 1st time ever, Alpha Trading team produced more than 10 bots to trade the markets under any conditions. Each market has its own bot that takes trades automatically and dynamically changes its behavior depending on the market condition.

For the 1st ever you can join the trading room anytime during the day and it is 24/7 , you will see the chart and bots taking trade with audio alerts as well , so you don't need to stare at the chart anymore ,


You can login to the room from any type of device: Laptop, iPad, Cell phone. Directly, and just like that, put your headset on and follow the trades.

Quick start course , that teach you the best practice to gain the most out from the bots and how to trail your Stop loss to secure your PROFIT

Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Join Alpha Auto Trading. Go through the Mini Course: How to Mange your trade entries and Exits using the Bots

  • Step 2: Practice on a simulated account with our trading mentors and your fellow peers in our live trading room which are open every day the market is.

  • Step 3: Start trading one contract at a time. Once you’re consistently profitable start trading two contracts. Slowly add more as your skills improve.


    Yes, With Alpha Auto Trading You can start making Money even if you are a beginner trader!

    • 2 Live Trading Rooms Open 24/7  

    • Trade sound Alert , so you simply hear the bot entry and exit.

    • Trading Instructors with Professional Market Experience!

    • 24/7 Chat Room to Ask Questions about Your Trades!

    • Daily and Weekly Market Outlook Videos Emailed to You!


Alpha Auto Trading Gives You The Entry And All you need is to manage your stop as we teach you 

Join 2023 Bots World And Trade Like Big Boys

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