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EARNMAX Account/s Process:

Once a trader subscribes to EARNMAX evaluation account, if there is no offer with a bonus account you will automatically be sent your account and login credentials for Rithmic. However, if there is a free/bonus account you will typically have to wait 1-2 hours to receive your account credentials.

Don't forget EARNMAX customer support is open 24/7 and our Operations Team works 24 hours per day Monday - Friday and 12 Hours on the weekends.

If you have not received your account credentials within the mentioned time frame, you must contact support to review the incident and update the account/s. When you have an inquiry email us at or contact us through our chat in the EARNMAX website. From there our Level One agent will be able to help you with any issues related to your evaluation or funded account. If your inquiry needs one of our Level 2 agents or an EARNMAX Operator to take a look over it, our Level One agent will create a ticket and submit it to the correct team. You will then be notified by email.


After you know you have passed an evaluation account...

  • You have Reached your profit target (Verify Account Balance via RT/Trader Pro only)

  • You have traded a minimum of 5 trading days. Only actively traded days count as a trading day. Be sure to CONFIRM that you have 5 trading days.

  • Stop trading. It is the trader responsibility to contact EARNMAX through chat/email, and once confirmed, process will take 2 business days to process the PA.

  • Once trader has received the confirmation email, Trader must confirm the Market Data Fees Payment within 2 business days max to avoid process cancellation, it's Trader responsibility to cancel the evaluation account to avoid extra charges or re-bill, other than that trader will receive a new account same size.

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