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Introducing EARNMAX $50K PRO Account is the first of its kind in the industry. This account will allow you the leeway to trade your style without any of the Trailing Drawdown all the other firms get you with. Just DO NOT cross under $47K at any time and you cannot LOSE your account. Hit the account target profit goal of $53K and move to the 50K PRO Funded Stage. The same parameters apply making it easier for you to get paid! EARNMAX wants you the trader to WIN so this account will allow you the BEST opportunity for success.


  • 90/10 Profit Split 100% of your first $10,000 and then 90% after.

  • Simple Payout Policy Just make $100 per day for the account to qualify for payouts.

  • Funded Trader Certificate Congratulations, you passed the evaluation share your certificate.

  • Multiple Accounts Earn and take payouts from up to 20 Accounts per trader.

  • Set Contract Sizes Trade up to 5 minis and 10 micros per account.

  • Consistency Rule No more than 30% of your daily profit counts towards target.

  • 25 Trading Days No safety net required " +$100 Per day to count as a trading day"

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