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14 Day FREE Practice Account Trial

We know the confusion of navigating new software and systems, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Rithmic to offer you a 14 Day FREE trial. The trial is designed to familiarize you with the process and tools, before purchasing one of our Evaluation accounts. 


  • The 14 day free trial is provided by Rithmic and is only available to those who have never used or registered with Rithmic before. Rithmic will automatically block your login attempts if you have previously had a Rithmic account before.   It allows you to register, but you will get an error when you enter your credentials to connect. 

  • The Free Trial is exactly 14 total days, to provide you 10 trading days and allow for weekends. It begins that 14 day period of time from the exact moment you create your own credentials and register the account.

  • If you reach your rising trailing drawdown limit / Auto Liquidate Threshold Value , unfortunately there is no option to reset the account and finish the trial.  Be careful and consider using Micro contracts. 

  • Upon completion of the free trial, you can purchase one of our Evaluation accounts which operate in identical fashion to the free trial.  



The trial includes these four instruments from the CME Bundle : ES, CL, NQ, and RTY.

From the Trader Dashboard, right click on your account name and select 'View Risk Parameters.' This will display a list of allowed instruments.


This is the FREE trial package includes:


To sign up for a FREE trial, follow these steps:


Step 1:

Click on this link to: Register for a Free Trial Demo

Write down your Rithmic User ID and password (usually your email address becomes the ID, and the PW is your own creation)


Step 2:

  • Download and install RT/Trader Pro: Click Here for instructions

  • Watch your email inbox or spam folder for your confirmation email from Rithmic. Open the email and click on the link to validate your account.

  • Once validated, you can log into RT/Trader Pro with your User ID and the password YOU CREATED for your trial.

  • Make sure you can log into RT/Trader Pro with your chosen username and password.

  • Once you confirm you can successfully log into RT/Trader Pro, feel free to connect to and use any additional Rithmic compatible platform to practice trading.  

  • If you would like to use Ninjatrader for a platform and do not have a license key, contact EARNMAX support and be very clear that you are "requesting a Ninja key for the FREE TRIAL."  


For your FREE Trial DO NOT...


DO NOT GO TO EARNMAX and click 'Log In' in the upper right hand corner to sign up for your FREE trial!! This will log you into the member's area of EARNMAX Trading. It will NOT take you to the FREE trial. The EARNMAX member's area is where you will make payments for subscriptions and purchase resets.

14 Day FREE Practice Trial: Text
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